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Preparing for Salvation

Tim Keller |  September 8, 2002

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  • Sin
  • Salvation
Exodus 1:17-2:14
RS 154-01

Understanding Moses’ Story in Exodus

Moses’ story in Exodus helps us understand that science doesn’t replace faith. Even with all our knowledge, many of us still feel a spiritual emptiness. Words like “saved” and “sinner” might not be popular today, but they are key to understanding our spiritual journey. By studying Moses’ life, we can learn three important things about being saved and how God helps us.

1. Being saved means freeing ourselves from letting anything become more important than God

When the Israelites grew in number in Egypt, they ended up as slaves. This tells us that we all serve something, a principle embodied in the Hebrew word “abodah”. Exodus shows us that real freedom doesn’t mean having no master, but rather serving and worshipping God alone. When we put God first, we experience true freedom and fearlessness. The path to liberation is through devotion and service to God.

2. God often prepares us for salvation through tough times and difficult situations

In Exodus, we see that people often feel like God isn’t there when times get tough. But the story shows us that God is working even in the difficult times – through Pharaoh’s oppression and Moses’ mistakes – to bring about good outcomes. This strengthens the Israelites’ bravery and sense of identity. So, when we’re going through tough times, we should remember that God is working in the background, preparing us for salvation.

3. God’s salvation often comes through the weak and powerless, not the strong and powerful

Exodus highlights how God often uses those who seem insignificant, like women and outsiders, to carry out His plans. This is an encouragement to anyone feeling overlooked, reminding them that they can make a big difference. The ultimate example of this is Jesus, who gave up His life to free us from sin and death. We’re called to admit our own sinfulness, experience God’s love, and help others without looking down on them. Above all, we’re reminded that we can’t rely on ourselves, but must trust in Jesus and God’s grace.



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