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Purity With Passion

Tim Keller |ย  April 1, 1990

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  • Sexuality
  • Marriage
Matthew 5:27-30
RS 6-5

Matthew 5:27โ€“30

In Matthew 5, Jesus talks about the importance of living a pure life and controlling our desires. He teaches us that love, not lust, should guide our actions, especially when it comes to our relationships and how we treat our bodies.

1. The Bible and Jesus Christ say sex is central to being human

Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount show us that our sexual feelings are a part of who we are. While sex can be a beautiful thing, it can also lead us down the wrong path if we’re not careful. Misusing sex can make us forget why we were created and lead us away from God.

2. The Bible says and Jesus Christ says sex is only for total commitment

The Bible teaches that sex should only happen between a man and a woman who are married. It is a special act that symbolizes their promise to each other. The Bible also warns us about the dangers of lust, which is a selfish desire, and encourages us to pursue love, which is about caring for others, not just ourselves.

3. Lust is the opposite of love

Lust and love are different. Lust is all about wanting, while love is about giving and commitment. It’s important to remember that being married doesn’t automatically solve problems with lust. Instead, we should focus on separating our passion from lust and channeling it into a loving relationship.

4. Jesus Christ says self-control is something you have to do

Jesus warns us about the dangers of lust and teaches us the importance of controlling our desires. He uses strong imagery to show us how serious this issue is and encourages us to take drastic measures to avoid situations or things that might lead us into temptation. His teachings guide us on how to manage lust effectively.

1. Make a distinction between the thought and the fantasy

It’s normal to struggle with lustful thoughts, but that doesn’t mean we’re sinful. What’s important is not letting these thoughts control us. We might not be able to stop these thoughts from coming, but we can stop them from taking over our lives and leading us into guilt and shame.

2. The only way you will ever, ever, ever deal with your sexual desire is if you give it to God

It’s important to trust God with our desires, including our sexual ones. When we surrender our desires to God, He can transform them in surprising ways, like through a future spouse or newfound self-control and purity.

3. Donโ€™t feel guilty about your sexual past

Feeling guilty about our past can keep us stuck in our desires. But God can transform even the most broken lives into examples of His grace. We can find freedom from guilt by understanding that Jesus has paid for our sins. By giving our desires to God, we can experience His love and true purity.



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