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Real Riches and the Ambitious Man

Tim Keller |  April 29, 2001

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  • Purpose and Calling
Genesis 13:2-17
RS 129-2

Genesis 13:2–17

Abraham shows us how to truly live out our Christian faith. He answers God’s call, which sets Christianity apart from other beliefs. This call asks us to go beyond what our culture says is normal and accept that we don’t define who we are by ourselves. This can make Christianity seem surprising and scary. However, Abraham’s life shows us how God’s call can change us, as we can see by comparing Abraham, Lot, and others.

1. The ambition of Lot

Lot chooses wealth over his relationship with God and ignores God’s promise to Abram, leading him away from the promised land of Canaan. This choice not only hurts relationships but also makes us question if wanting wealth is right. The story shows the emptiness of trying to find happiness in stuff without a relationship with God. It also shows our deep desire to feel important and loved, which often comes when we feel lost and worthless.

2. The ambition of Abram

Abram goes against what society says is important, showing us that relationships and faith are more important than stuff. This selfless trust in God’s promises shows us that answering God’s call means changing our spiritual focus. We should seek our worth and security in God’s love and approval. The story teaches us about the importance of saying sorry and obeying God, showing that finding our worth in God’s love can set us free from worry.

3. The ambition of Jesus

Jesus, like Abram, faced a test on a high mountain. But while Abram was given what wasn’t his, Jesus was tempted with what was already His. Jesus’ refusal of Satan’s offer shows His willingness to give up everything, even His divine power and glory, to have a relationship with us. This selfless act changes our view on wealth, encouraging us to be generous and peaceful, and stopping the damage material things can do to our relationships.



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