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Tim Keller |  August 6, 1995

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  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
Exodus 33:18-23
RS 264-10

Understanding Exodus 33

Exodus 33 talks about the idea of revival, or the need to consistently reenergize our faith to fight off spiritual weariness. Revival means coming back to life from a place of spiritual dullness or disconnect. We’ll look at why revival is important, what it means, and how we can experience it in our personal lives and in our church community.

1. Why do we always need revival?

We learn from the Israelites’ story in Exodus 32 how easy it is to drift away from God if we’re not continually connected to Jesus. New Christians are told about the possible struggles and doubts they might face, but they are also comforted that spiritual dullness can be turned around. The main idea here is that real Christianity involves a deep desire for God and the realization that nothing else can truly fulfill us.

2. What is revival?

Revival is about experiencing the presence and glory of God in a deep, personal way, even if it’s just a brief moment. It’s a life-changing awareness that shows us who God is and takes away our biggest fears. This awareness comes from recognizing our spiritual weakness and our deep desire for God’s presence. Even when we’re tempted by success and wealth, it’s the personal connection with God that truly brings life and joy.

3. How do we experience revival?

To experience revival, we need to put our spiritual health first, realizing our need for God’s help and being sorrowful about our spiritual dryness. We need to continually strive to grow spiritually, seeking more of God’s presence and glory. This desire is a sign of spiritual life. Lastly, we must be willing to follow God’s lead, even if it’s uncomfortable, and gratefully accept His gifts, however small. We do all these while consistently praying and seeking God’s presence.



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