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Royal Priesthood

Tim Keller |  February 6, 1994

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1 Peter 2:9-12
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1 Peter 2:9–12

1 Peter 2:9-12 gives us three important pictures of the church: it’s like a spiritual building, a group of special leaders, and a group that behaves differently from the world. When the Bible talks about the church being like special leaders, or ‘priests,’ it means that we can talk to God directly, we’re meant to live differently, and we should worship and help others. Right now, let’s focus on the first part: being able to talk to God directly.

1. The role of the priest

We all want to feel accepted and important. This desire often comes from feeling like we’re on the outside looking in. We try to feel better by fitting in or being successful, but it never really works. True fulfillment comes from realizing we need help and trusting in Jesus. This allows us to be seen as perfect and holy by God. When we understand and accept God’s love, we experience an amazing sense of freedom and confidence.

2. Priests were holy

Knowing that you’re part of God’s special group and that you’re meant to be holy can really change the way you think and act. Being holy is more than just being good. It means being thankful, open to correction, and willing to say sorry when we’re wrong. As we grow in our holiness and confidence in our role, we become more like Jesus.

3. Priests offer sacrifices

Like spiritual leaders, or priests, Christians are meant to worship God and help others. These two things are tied together. Our worship gives us the strength and resources we need to help people. As we step into our role, using what we have to fulfill our calling, we connect with God through Jesus, our ultimate leader.



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