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Safe in the Plan

Tim Keller |  October 9, 2011

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  • Purpose and Calling
Ephesians 1:8-11
RS 333-02


The book of Ephesians is about the church and what the church ought to be. In this passage, Paul shows that everything God is doing is happening to a particular purpose. This sermon traces through God’s plan for history to show that absolutely everything in history is part of the plan. And what is the point of the plan? Jesus is the point of the plan.

Ephesians 1:7–11

Ephesians tells us about God’s big plan for everything, and Jesus is at the heart of it all. Understanding this is super important for the church to get what God wants.

1. There is a plan for history

The Bible’s view of history is very different from the ideas of people like Macbeth and Bertrand Russell. These guys thought life was just random and meaningless, which sounds pretty sad. But the Bible says there’s actually a beautiful, divine plan in all the confusion.

2. Absolutely everything in history is part of the plan

When we start talking about God’s plan, it makes us wonder about fate and free will. The Bible says we have freedom and responsibility for our choices, but also that God is guiding everything. The story of Joseph in Genesis shows how even bad things can turn out good, and it’s a reminder that God is always there for us.

3. Jesus is the point of the plan

The big goal of history is to bring everything, in heaven and on earth, under the leadership of Jesus. Even when things seem crazy and messed up in our lives and relationships, God is working to fix everything through Jesus. Believing in Jesus as King might sound like a heavy deal, but the good news is that through His suffering and death, we’re made friends with God again, and only through trusting Him can we find real happiness.



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