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Salt and Light

Tim Keller |  March 11, 1990

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Matthew 5:13-16
RS 6-2

Matthew 5:13–16

In Matthew 5:13-16, Jesus is telling us that the world is like a meal that needs salt or a dark room that needs light. He’s saying that we can be that salt and light by following Him. This is more than just being positive or negative—it’s about being a force for good and making a difference.

1. The world is like a meal without salt

Think of salt and light as things that stop bad stuff from happening. Without them, things like friendships, societies, and even the universe itself, start to fall apart. Ignoring the need for these things is like ignoring a protective umbrella in a storm, even when you’re standing right under it.

2. Jesus is the salt and light we need

Jesus is like a lamp that holds light—it doesn’t make the light, but it carries it. As the light in the darkness, He guides us to what is true and good. Some people may not agree that Jesus is the only light, but that’s like saying there’s no right or wrong. And only Jesus, as the true light, can bring healing and unity to our world.

3. We can be the world’s salt and light by following Jesus

As Christians, we’re called to shine Jesus’ light and show His goodness to the world. By living out His teachings, we can change how people see things like race, business, and family. But first, we need to let Jesus’ light shine in us, so we can reflect that light to others.



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