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Self Esteem – Who Am I? Whose Am I? (Open Forum)

Tim Keller |  September 29, 1996

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  • Identity
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OF 11


Open Forums are specifically designed for skeptics or those wrestling with the claims of Christianity. Each Open Forum included a brief concert by guest artists followed by a talk and open mic Q&A with Timothy Keller. This audio recording includes the talk only.

Matthew 11:3

Looking at how we understand ourselves in today’s world shows a big difference between old and modern ways of defining who we are. It points out the danger of depending only on our jobs, our relationships, or the things we own to determine our self-worth. It also warns against building our identity on our personal dreams. True understanding of who we are and real satisfaction come from a relationship with Jesus. His endless love and forgiveness change us through his grace and set us free through his self-sacrifice and selflessness.



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