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Sent To Love

Tim Keller |  October 23, 2016

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John 13:12-17
RS 370-07


The night before Jesus is going to die, he’s trying to get his disciples ready to be sent out into the world to represent him. And what does he do? He washes their dirty feet.

We’re meditating on the fact that he washed their dirty feet. Only when you understand this picture, do you really understand the kind of love that Jesus is calling all Christians to.

The love that Jesus is calling us to 1) is not just attraction, it’s action, 2) is not just giving, it’s investing, and 3) is not out of our emptiness.

Sermon Summary

Jesus’ act of washing His disciples’ feet serves as a profound metaphor for love and service, illustrating the essence of love as not merely an attraction, but an action. This love is not about mere giving, but investing, and it emanates not from emptiness, but a full heart. Comprehending these three dimensions of love is vital for every Christian.

1. Calling to love

Jesus teaches that love transcends mere attraction and necessitates action, as demonstrated by his humble act of washing his disciples’ feet. Contrary to cultural norms, love is defined as selfless and sacrificial, prioritizing others’ needs over our own, embodying the principle of “my life for yours”. This profound love, though it may feel like a personal sacrifice, brings life and light to others, thereby mirroring Jesus and spreading life throughout the world.

2. He invests

Jesus urges us to love by investing in others, not just through acts of service, but by genuinely caring about the impact of our actions on their lives. This love goes beyond duty or emotional attraction; it is about envisioning and cultivating their transformation towards Christ-likeness. Thus, love is an engaged investment in the growth and improvement of others.

3. He fills up

Experiencing the fullness of God’s love is essential to truly love others, as it enables us to love unconditionally, beyond those who reciprocate our feelings. The story of Tsar Nicholas I and the young man who misused government funds illuminates Jesus’s love and forgiveness, reminding us that our debts have been paid, and we are called to love as we have been loved. A deeper comprehension of God’s love can transform our relationships and guide us towards a life of love.



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