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Sent to Show Christ’s Glory

Tim Keller |  September 18, 2016

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John 12:27-36
RS 370-02


According to the Bible, there’s nothing more eminent than the glory of God. But that term is so remote to us now. Most Christians have heard of doing things for the glory of God, but what does that mean?

Do you want to have meaning in life? Do you have some need for deep personal change? Are you concerned about justice in the world? The key to all those things is the glory of God.

We see in John 12 that to live for the glory of God is to 1) treat God as supremely important, and 2) see God’s beauty. And then we see 3) how to do it.

Sermon Summary

Exploring the concept of the glory of God, as taught by Jesus in John 12 to John 17, reveals an intensive course of instruction given to His disciples prior to His death. The theme of God’s glory is prominent, with divine declarations of His name being glorified and Jesus praying for His disciples to witness His glory. This comprehension and pursuit of God’s glory is vital for finding life’s meaning, experiencing personal transformation, and advocating for justice in the world.

1. What is the glory of God?

Probing the concept of God’s glory uncovers its ultimate beauty and supreme importance. The Hebrew and New Testament words for glory denote the weight, significance, and absolute beauty of God, whose main purpose is to reveal and display this glory to the world. The act of glorifying God involves unconditional surrender and obedience, finding joy in His beauty, prioritizing Him above all else, and rescuing others without concern for personal survival, as exemplified by Eric Liddell.

2. Where do you find the glory of God?

The glory of God, while partially reflected in creation, is fully embodied in Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross. His troubled soul prior to His death accentuates the profound darkness and judgment He endured, a fate unlike any other. Therefore, it is through the Cross that we can truly grasp God’s glory, as Jesus’ sacrifice draws all people to Him.

3. How do you get it?

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross unveils the beauty and glory of God, as He willingly relinquished His heavenly glory to save and love humanity. Living for God’s glory involves acknowledging His supreme importance and beauty, and as we navigate life, we progressively embody His glory, transforming by prioritizing Him above all else. Embracing our sorrows as opportunities to witness His glory and believing in the light to become children of light are practical ways to center our lives around God’s glory, leading to our transformation into something glorious.



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