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Tim Keller |  June 30, 1996

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  • Sexuality
  • Marriage
1 Thessalonians 4:3-8
RS 70-05

1 Thessalonians 4:3–8

Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians discuss three life topics: sex, work, and death. Early Christians saw these subjects differently than their peers, especially considering sex as holy and money as ordinary. This sermon will explore the Christian view on sex, focusing on its goodness, setting, and purpose.

1. The goodness

God wants us to grow in holiness, and one way we can do this is through the proper use of sex. The Bible doesn’t worship sex nor does it look down on it. Instead, it sees sex as a powerful force that can help believers become more like God. It shows sex in a positive light, as something that can help us grow in our faith.

2. The context

The Bible and many religions agree that sex is meant for marriage. This idea is not just historical but also widely accepted across cultures. Societal views on casual sex and men having multiple wives are questioned, as the Bible encourages one man, one woman relationships. This is important for women’s rights and children’s wellbeing. Sex according to the Bible requires both physical and emotional commitment, achievable only in marriage. Going against this disrupts true closeness and a deep understanding of God.

3. The purpose

Sex within a marriage should be treated with respect and honor, not lust. It can either help us grow or express unhealthy desires. Both attraction and respect are needed in a marriage. The purpose of sex is to make each other feel loved and respected. It’s important to respect and honor your spouse, not idolize marriage, and instead focus on seeking God’s kingdom and righteousness.



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