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Sin as Leaven

Tim Keller |  February 4, 1996

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  • Sin
Mark 7:25-30; 8:11-17
RS 66-03


The biblical teaching about sin is one of the strongest arguments for the truth of Christianity that there is. There have been many thoughtful people who abandoned Christianity, abandoned religion, but were pushed back and embraced the faith because there was nothing else except the religious idea of sin that, when they actually saw human evil up close, could account for human history and human behavior.

And yet, if there is a lack of joy in your life today, if the thought of Jesus dying for you does not revolutionize you, does not transfix you, does not transform you, do you know what the main reason for that is? You have not seen how deep he went to pay for you. You don’t know how far he has brought you. You don’t know the seriousness and the depth of your sin.

Mark 7:25–30; 8:11–17

Understanding how wrong choices and actions (sin) affect our lives is important. It helps us know our real selves better and guides us to live more wisely. Sin, which is harmful, is different from grace, which is all about selfless giving. We’re warned about holding grudges, thinking bad thoughts, and dreaming of romantic relationships that aren’t right. The story says being humble and brave helps us accept God’s grace (His kindness we don’t earn). This points to how important Jesus’ sacrifice was. The story warns us not to refuse God’s grace, like the Pharisees did when they kept asking for miracles.



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