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Stay With the Ship

Tim Keller |  November 2, 2003

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  • Suffering
Acts 27:15-32
RS 171-09

Acts 27:15–32

Christianity was born in a world that didn’t want it, but its powerful truth changed everything. The biggest question many people have about God is why He allows evil and suffering. We’ll use the image of a storm to talk about life’s hard times and dive into the mystery, result, and God’s role in these ‘storms’ to shed light on why bad things happen.

1. The mystery of the storm

We’ll look at what the Stoics and Epicureans believed, especially their different views on fate and personal choices. We’ll also examine how Paul reacted to a storm while he was a prisoner. This helps us understand the complex relationship between God and what happens in our lives. We’ll question the idea that suffering is pointless, emphasizing that we might not be able to understand why God allows suffering.

2. The result of the storm

When we face suffering with a peaceful heart, it can change us for the better, just like it did with Paul. God has a detailed and loving plan for us that includes times of suffering. If we endure these times patiently, we can grow stronger and experience glory. But it’s important to face suffering with wisdom, so it makes us more compassionate, not bitter or self-pitying.

3. God’s role in the storm

When we talk about suffering, it’s important to remember that God is with us, even when things are tough. Having real friends and support is crucial during these times. We can find comfort knowing that Jesus suffered on the cross because of God’s love for us. The resurrection shows us that suffering can be transformed, giving us a new perspective and a prayer for guidance as we face evil and suffering.


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