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Supper With Friends

Tim Keller |  February 4, 2007

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  • Communion and Baptism
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Mark 14:22-31
RS 191-16


Confucius, Muhammad, Buddha, Moses—they all died in old age, in comfort and blessedness, triumphant over their opponents. Of all the founders of major religions, Jesus alone died alone, young, stripped naked, stared at, mocked, while he died by inches in agony, crying out to God who had forsaken him.

Who, hearing that story, would say, “That’s the spiritual leader I want”? And yet, the suffering and death of Jesus Christ transformed lives at a depth and on a scale that completely changed the ancient world. People’s lives were changed if they grasped the understanding of Jesus’ death that he gave at the Last Supper. So what did Jesus say?

There are three things we see here: 1) the importance of his death, 2) the meaning of his death, and 3) how it can be a transforming power in your life.

Mark 14:22–31

The last part of Mark tells us about Jesus’ death, which is very different from how other big religious leaders died. Even though Jesus’ death seems sad, it changed the world back then and it’s still changing people’s lives today. The big change comes from understanding what Jesus’ death means, which he shared during the Last Supper. We remember this message when we take part in the Lord’s Supper.

1. Why his death matters

During the Passover meal, Jesus gave new meaning to the bread, saying it was like his body. He shows himself as the ultimate hero, freeing people not just from problems in society or money troubles, but also from sin, death, and evil. His death becomes the most important event in human history.

2. What his death means

Jesus’ death is connected to the Passover story, showing him as the ultimate Lamb of God who is sacrificed. This idea is for everyone, no matter their race or how good they are. The idea of sacrifice, like in Isaiah 53, shows how important it is to love others enough to give something up, even if it’s risky or hard. This kind of love can lead to big changes and forgiveness.

3. How his death can change your life

The Lord’s Supper reminds us of Jesus’ love for people. It shows that being saved isn’t about our faith, but about Jesus’ love. It helps us find peace and identity in what Jesus did, not what we do. It makes us feel united with all people, no matter their race, class, or background. When we share in the Lord’s Supper, we not only remember Jesus’ love, but also get a small taste of the joy we’ll have in heaven.



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