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The Beauty of God

Tim Keller |  May 8, 2011

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  • Art and Beauty
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Psalm 27:1-14
RS 330-01


In this psalm of David, we see David’s desire to behold the beauty of God. It is the beauty of God, in fact, that allows David to hold his head high even though his enemies surround him. To find God beautiful means that the perception of him— his attributes, names, and actions— brings pleasure. This sermon will explore the beauty of God: 1) Why we need it; 2) What it is; 3) How it changes our lives.

Understanding Psalm 27:1–14

When we look at Psalm 27, especially verse 4, we discover David’s deep longing to live in God’s presence and see His beauty. The idea of God’s beauty is really important and makes us think about why it matters, what it is, and how it can change us. Knowing more about who God is can really strengthen our faith.

1. Why is God’s beauty important?

When we have tough times in life, we can find comfort in God’s beauty, just like the writer of the Psalm did. This isn’t about escaping reality, but it helps us deal with life’s problems. If we focus on how beautiful God is, we can face scary things and evil with bravery and honesty.

2. What does God’s beauty mean?

When we talk about seeking God’s face, it means we want to experience His divine presence in a personal way. This is even better than just feeling His holiness or glory. The Bible often links beauty with being excellent and attractive, which means experiencing beauty can bring comfort and refreshment. The best beauty, though, is in God’s characteristics, which can give us deep happiness and satisfaction. This is shown in Allen Gardiner’s story of how his close relationship with God gave him comfort and confidence.

3. How does God’s beauty change us?

God’s beauty is most clearly seen in the redemption story, where Jesus, who wasn’t physically attractive, willingly gave up His own beauty to suffer on the cross for our wrongdoings. Even though everything in life eventually falls apart, Jesus took on that curse, paid for our sins, and made us beautiful in God’s eyes. By praying, studying the Bible, and committing to understand the gospel, we can truly appreciate the excellent, attractive, and satisfying beauty of God and Jesus’s selfless love.



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