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The Blind See

Tim Keller |  October 3, 1999

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  • Sin
2 Kings 6:8-23
RS 107-1

2 Kings 6:8–23

The Old Testament is still relevant today, and the stories of Elijah and Elisha can help us understand God’s true nature in a world full of different beliefs. In 2 Kings 6, Elisha warns the king of Israel about an attack from the Arameans, showing us how God protects and empowers us, even when we’re threatened by others.

1. We all struggle with spiritual blindness

The story presents the Syrians as evil and Elisha’s servant as spiritually blind. This shows that everyone, regardless of whether they’re good or bad, struggles to see the truth about God. Christianity isn’t just about being religious, it’s about having an experience with God that changes how we understand and interact with Him, similar to a blind person suddenly being able to see.

2. We’re usually blind to three things

Everyone, good or bad, suffers from spiritual blindness and needs God’s help to see the truth. Sin comes from not trusting God’s goodness, which can create a barrier between us and God, regardless of how religious we are. Elisha leading the enemy army to Samaria shows us how God’s forgiveness can change us. This is also seen in Jesus’ sacrifice, which reminds us that God is always with us and gives us the ability to live with confidence and calmness.

1. We should respect our enemies

Following Jesus’ example of forgiveness means respecting people of different religions, cultures, and backgrounds, even if they’re against us. This respect comes from knowing that we’re all flawed and saved by grace. Our worth comes from Jesus, not from being accepted by society. We should believe in everyone’s potential for change, treat everyone with kindness, bravery, and hope, and show the kind of love and acceptance that can surprise and influence others.

2. Don’t complain when others think you’re strange

Christians may face criticism or mistreatment from non-Christians because of their different perspectives. While Christians see God in all aspects of life, non-Christians may see things from a more worldly viewpoint. This can make Christians seem weird or extreme to them. Therefore, Christians should respond with kindness and understanding, even if they’re misunderstood by non-Christians.

3. Elisha doesn’t choose political sides

Elisha seems to support the Syrians over the Israelites, which shows that Christians can have different political beliefs. However, helping the poor and maintaining moral standards should be consistent, no matter what political party we support. Joshua’s encounter with God before the battle of Jericho in Joshua 5 reminds us that God doesn’t take sides, but gives us the opportunity to choose to follow Him.

4. Wholistic ministry

Both spiritual and physical well-being are important, and the loss of one can affect the other. God wants to open our hearts to His love and also take care of our physical needs. Jesus’ resurrection, which symbolizes the restoration of both the soul and the body, shows this. Therefore, our job is to lead others to Christ and also help with their physical needs, such as providing food and healthcare.

5. Remember, help is on the way, even if it takes time

Both Elisha and Joseph faced difficulties, but their experiences were different. Elisha was saved immediately, while Joseph was sold into slavery. However, Joseph’s hardships led to his spiritual growth and the eventual rescue of his family from a famine. God’s love and grace are always there, even in tough times. By trusting in Jesus, we can find the strength to forgive, keep our integrity, and serve others in every way possible.



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