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The Bread of Heaven

Tim Keller |  April 14, 1991

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  • Salvation
John 6:25-35; 48-59
RS 11-26

John 6:25–35, 48–59

Jesus teaches us about the “Bread of Life,” which we can think of like a sandwich. The bread stands for life, and the filling is the grace of God. Jesus, as this Bread of Life, offers a life that changes us, helping us break away from old habits and gives us new energy. In this teaching, Jesus answers three key questions: What is the Bread of Heaven, where does it come from, and how do we get it?

1. What is it?

There are two Greek words for “life,” “bios” and “zoe,” and they show us the difference between just existing and truly living. Jesus, as the Bread of Life, offers us more than just life that goes on forever. He offers a life that is truly fulfilling and satisfying, unlike the empty and disappointing promises of things like alcohol. We can experience this transforming power when we depend on Jesus for true fulfillment.

2. Where is this bread found?

What makes Christianity special is that it focuses on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, not just knowledge or mystical experiences. Jesus, the Bread of Heaven, is more than just a teacher or a role model. He is the one who took our punishment on himself, giving us meaning and joy through his suffering. This personal relationship with God is at the heart of Christianity, and it’s open to everyone, even kids.

3. How do you receive it?

We don’t earn the Bread of Heaven by doing good deeds. Instead, we get it by realizing that nothing we do can earn it, and by trusting in Jesus. We keep growing in this spiritual life by praying, studying the Bible, and obeying God. This leads to a life full of excitement and a personal relationship with Him. It’s important not to limit our lives by refusing to worship something bigger than us, but to aim for this eternal life and make it a part of who we are.



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