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The Church’s Lightning

Tim Keller |  March 15, 1998

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
  • Worship
Luke 9:28-36
RS 89-6

Luke 9:28–36

When Jesus transformed into a glowing figure on the mountain, his friends Peter, John, and James got a glimpse of God’s special son in all his glory. This event is a lot like Jesus’ prayer in the book of John – both are like beautiful paintings that help us understand who Jesus is and why the early church’s teachings matter. It’s like getting struck by lightning – it shows us how powerful worship can be and how much we can grow when we let God’s glory into our hearts.

1. What worship really means

In the book of Luke, there’s a moment when Jesus’ friends realize that he is the Messiah, the chosen one. But it’s hard for them to fully understand what that means. Worship isn’t just about believing in God, it’s about waking up to who He is and what He’s done for us. It’s what sets true Christianity apart from just following religious rules. Worship is the energy that powers our faith, changes our lives, and helps us find answers to our problems.

2. Who leads us in worship

To understand God’s glory, we need to recognize two things about Jesus. First, that he is great, just like Moses and Elijah, and second, that true change in our lives comes from worship, not just from feeling inspired. The story tells us that Jesus is God’s son, and it’s important to worship him. It also shows us that real glory isn’t about power or fame, it’s about understanding and following Jesus’ example, which can inspire us to worship and forgive others.

3. How to light the fire of worship

Worship isn’t just about saying prayers, it’s about being changed from the inside out. This change starts when we actively look for and respond to God, especially when we read the Gospels and pray the Psalms. But we should remember that we’re not alone in worship. It’s even better when we’re part of a community of people who are also searching for God. Everyone’s relationship with Jesus is unique, so when we come together, each person helps us see a different part of who Jesus is. So, let’s aim to be a community that looks for God and is transformed through worship.



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