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The Cornerstone

Tim Keller |  December 12, 1993

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  • Salvation
1 Peter 2:4-8
RS 250-14

1 Peter 2:4–8

Jesus being referred to as a living Stone, tossed aside by people but precious to God, is a thought-provoking idea. The image of a cornerstone helps us understand Jesus’ role as the base of our lives, shaping us like a cornerstone shapes a house. As we get ready for communion, we’re reminded of how important Jesus is to us: he’s not just our foundation, but also our representative before God and our greatest love.

1. Jesus is the bedrock of life

Believing in Jesus isn’t just about agreeing with his teachings or recognizing his death on the cross; it means making him the central part of your life, like a cornerstone. This shift may make you feel vulnerable and dependent, but it also gives your life direction and can stop you from feeling lost or indifferent. Choosing to follow Jesus means replacing old foundations with him, constantly adjusting your life to align with him, and realizing that real trust in him will never let you down.

2. Jesus is our representative

The cornerstone is a symbol of our connection with Jesus and our assurance that God accepts us. Just as a house stands strong with a solid cornerstone, we are sure of God’s acceptance through Jesus, the Cornerstone, who is highly valued by the Father. This worth is given to us when we trust in Jesus, leading to forgiveness, God’s Spirit living within us, and God’s love. This love should guide how we think and act and give us strength and happiness.

3. Jesus ought to be your greatest love

Knowing our connection with Jesus and seeing him as our cornerstone fills us with a deep appreciation of him, making everything else feel less important. This deep love for Jesus encourages Christians to be generous and welcoming, and to have different priorities, freeing them from fear. However, rejecting Jesus as the cornerstone leads to spiritual emptiness and constant stumbling, underlining the importance of accepting him.



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