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The Dead Are Raised

Tim Keller |  October 17, 1999

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2 Kings 4:27-37
RS 107-3

2 Kings 4:27–37

In the story of Elisha and the Shunammite woman from 2 Kings 4:8-37, we see the importance of kids in their society. The woman, who was childless, is blessed with a son, but then he suddenly dies. The big takeaway from this story is the amazing power of God to bring people back to life and how this can change lives.

1. Who?

Interestingly, in this story, it’s the mom, not the men, who is the real agent of God’s resurrection power. Women, who were often overlooked and without power, are often the ones God uses to show His power over death. They understand that the good news of Jesus is different from a religion about trying hard and doing things yourself. People who don’t worship power often end up being the ones who experience God’s resurrection power.

2. When?

The miracle performed by Elisha shows us that God’s power to resurrect comes according to His wise and personal timing, not when we want it. It tells us that we don’t control God’s power, and it’s not something that just automatically happens. This is different from some religious ideas that say we get blessings as rewards for doing good things. But the good news of Jesus says that God’s love and salvation are gifts, not earned rewards. God’s actions are personal, not mechanical, and we get to experience His power at the time He thinks is best.

3. How?

Death is often seen as a consequence of our mistakes and our desire to control everything. But, because Jesus Christ died for our mistakes and we accept His goodness, we can experience a spiritual resurrection. This changes our relationships and gives us a sense of identity and security. This belief in resurrection takes away fear and motivates Christians to fight against unfairness and work to make the world better, showing Jesus’ deep love for all people.

4. What?

Having faith and experiencing God’s unearned love can greatly change our lives. The Shunammite woman shows us this through her calmness and balance in tough times, because she believes in a God who brings life and gives grace. As Christians, we’re empowered to bring spiritual resurrection to others through understanding and patience. We’re also called to actively fight against unfairness, energized by God’s power. The idea of resurrection motivates us to not ignore the world’s problems, but to fight against them, knowing that God hates unfairness and we’re a big part of His plan.



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