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The Death of Jesus Christ

Tim Keller |  March 27, 1994

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  • Death
  • Atonement
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
1 Peter 2:23-25; 3:18
RS 251-07

1 Peter 2:23–25; 3:18

Jesus’ death, as described in 1 Peter, is explained as a legal act, a final decision, and a choice Jesus made willingly. It was a sacrifice He made to carry our sins and mend our relationship with God. The change that comes from Jesus’ death is two-sided: it not only brings us back to God, but also gives us the strength to turn away from wrong actions and live a good life. So, Jesus’ death has more to it than just being a sacrifice; it deeply impacts and shapes our lives.

1. The nature of Christ’s death

Jesus’ death has a legal meaning, as it stands for a transfer of goodness. This idea of goodness, which we receive through faith, is key to understanding how Protestant and Catholic beliefs differ on the reason for salvation. The gospel calls us to stop trying to earn God’s approval through our actions, and instead find acceptance through Jesus. This leads us to a life of confidence, kindness, and joy, showing the special nature of Jesus’ chosen death and his deep love for people.

2. The result of Christ’s death

The death of Jesus, represented by the teaching of the cross, has two main effects. First, it opens a way to God, heals our spiritual wounds, and addresses our wrongs and guilt with a love that doesn’t judge us. Second, it encourages us to leave certain wrong actions behind and embrace a good life, reminding us of the great pain Jesus went through. This provides comfort when we fail and gives us strong reasons not to do wrong. Because of the cross, we can stand confidently before God, knowing we have Jesus’ unchanging support and the promise of resurrection if we obey.



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