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The Deity of Jesus

Tim Keller |  December 15, 2002

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  • Doctrine
  • Christmas and Advent
  • Jesus' Birth
Luke 1:26-45
RS 155-03

Understanding Luke 1:26–45

When we read the verses of Luke 1:26-45, we find a familiar story of Jesus’s birth. It’s like the sound of a train to those living near the tracks—it’s there, but we don’t always pay attention. But this story, especially the part about God becoming human, is a crucial truth that can change both our minds and hearts dramatically. We need to truly understand this to experience its powerful transformation.

1. It’s a mind-boggling truth

When the angel tells Mary that her son Jesus will rule forever, we’re led to question who Jesus really is. Hearing that this baby will be the Holy One, God’s Son, can make us rethink our understanding of God and humanity. Then, when Mary visits Elizabeth and sings her song of praise, expressing her awe that her baby is the Lord Almighty, it challenges the notion that believing in God becoming human is just a cultural belief.

2. It’s a heart-changing truth

The concept of God becoming human emphasizes that salvation is a gift of grace, which requires us to be humble and surrender to God. It shows a unique aspect of Christianity—God’s willingness to enter into suffering, His care for those who are overlooked, and His redemption of both our bodies and souls. This truth teaches us to hope patiently, appreciate everyday blessings, think critically, fully surrender to God, and recognize the importance of community in truly understanding the real meaning of Christmas.



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