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The Family of Jesus

Tim Keller |  March 5, 2006

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  • Doctrine
Mark 3:20-35
RS 190-09


The book of Mark gives us insight into the authentic Jesus—not the Jesus who is a projection of our own desires. In this passage, we will 1) See that there are wrong theories about who Jesus is; 2) Hear from Jesus’s own lips who he really is; and 3) Learn what difference that makes for us in our lives.

Understanding Jesus in Mark 3:20–35

In the book of Mark, many people are confused about who Jesus really is. Jesus Himself helps to clear up this confusion. Knowing Jesus’ true identity can change our lives in a deep way.

1. Misunderstandings about Jesus

Jesus made some big claims about Himself, like saying He was the Son of Man and that He could forgive sins. These claims made some people think He was crazy, lying, or really was who He said He was. But Jesus’ actions, like His love for the poor, convinced many Jews to believe in Him. We also have trustworthy accounts of Jesus’ resurrection, showing us that the stories in the New Testament aren’t just made up, but are based on real events.

2. Jesus tells us who He really is

Jesus shows us that He has power over evil and that He came to save people, not just teach them. He fulfills an old promise from Genesis 3:15 to defeat evil and free the world. His actions, like preaching, healing, casting out demons, and ultimately defeating evil on the cross, show us a new way to overcome evil: not by destroying it, but by forgiving and saving people.

3. How this changes us

In Romans 12, Paul tells us to respond to bad treatment with kindness, not revenge. This is what Jesus did on the cross. His work frees us from feeling like we have to earn God’s love by being good enough. Instead, we can overcome evil by relying on God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s help.



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