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The First Wedding Day

Tim Keller |  January 4, 2009

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  • Creation
  • Marriage
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Genesis 2:18-25
RS 310-5


You can’t understand the central storyline of the Bible unless you understand something about marriage. The Bible begins with a marriage in Genesis 2, and at the end, in Revelation, it ends with a marriage and the wedding supper of the Lamb. In some ways, you can understand what the whole Bible is about and what the gospel is about in terms of marriage.

In Genesis 2, we have the first wedding. Let’s ask the text a question: how can we be successful in seeking out marriage and in actually being married?

There are three things the text says you need if you’re going to be married well: 1) attentiveness to idolatry, 2) patience for a very long journey, and 3) supernatural humility.

Understanding Marriage from Genesis 2:18–25

The first story of marriage in the Bible, found in Genesis, gives us deep understanding of the importance of marriage in God’s plan. Interestingly, the Bible starts with a wedding between Adam and Eve and ends with another wedding in Revelation. For a strong marriage, we need three important things: to avoid making marriage an idol, to be patient for a long-lasting journey, and to have humility that can only come from understanding the gospel.

1. Avoid making marriage an idol

The story of Adam and Eve shows us that marriage helps us understand ourselves and others better. But, we should never think that it can satisfy our deepest needs – only God can do that. It’s important to have a deep love for God, which can guide us through the difficulties of marriage and help us be happy where we are. No matter if we’re married or not, our value comes from our relationship with God and being part of Christ’s family.

2. Be patient for the journey

Genesis 2:18 describes marriage not as a perfect state, but a journey where we grow and learn about ourselves. It involves two different but equally important people coming together in a close relationship. This relationship, even with its conflicts, helps each person become their true self. To accept the changes and challenges in marriage, we need patience and a willingness to grow together.

3. Have gospel-given humility

We, as humans, are made to desire connections with others and especially with God. But our actions and priorities can hurt God, just like in a marriage when one partner betrays the other. Even with our flaws, God’s love for us is immeasurable and beyond our understanding.



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