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The Flesh and the Devil

Tim Keller |  May 15, 1994

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  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Anxiety
  • Sin
1 Peter 5:5-11
RS 251-13

1 Peter 5:5–11

This part of the Bible tells us about the Devil and how we should react when we feel his presence. It’s really important to stay humble, alert, and disciplined, passing on our worries to God. The Devil is out to get us, just like a hungry lion. However, if we resist him and keep strong in our faith, we can take comfort in knowing we’re not alone in our battles and that God’s kindness will ultimately help us recover and become stronger.

1. The Devil is real

The Bible clearly describes the Devil as a powerful, evil supernatural being, often shown as a loud lion or a big red dragon. Even though many people today tend to downplay the Devil’s existence, Jesus’ teachings confirm that he is real and harmful. It doesn’t make sense to believe in good supernatural forces and not believe in evil ones – it goes against what Jesus taught us.

2. The Devil influences our personal sins

When we look at pride and worry as sins, and consider the Devil’s role, we see how sin and demonic forces are linked. Being humble is really important because pride can block God’s kindness, while worry is a sin that can be relieved by trusting in God. The main point here is to give our sins to God, which leads to feeling peaceful and comforted in His holy presence.



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