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The Freedom of Authority (5th)

Tim Keller |  May 29, 1994

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  • Family and Relationships
  • The Ten Commandments
Proverbs 23:12-16, 22-25
RS 48-10

Proverbs 23:12–16, 22–25

The fifth commandment, “Respect your father and mother,” shows us how important the family is for keeping our society healthy and orderly. When families fall apart, or when society isn’t fair, things can get chaotic. Families are where we learn about love, self-respect, and how to behave with others. So, keeping families strong and healthy is really important for all of us.

1. What is a family?

A family is more than just people who are related by blood or law. It’s about a promise to stay loyal and committed to each other for life. Being a parent is about teaching values and helping kids to become wise and independent. It’s important for parents to walk their talk and not be hypocritical. Christian parents want their kids to respect them and grow up into self-sufficient, mature people.

2. How does a family work?

Being a parent involves both discipline and love. It’s about having authority but also showing affection. Martin Luther, a great Christian leader, believed that discipline should go hand in hand with love and encouragement. It’s important for kids to become independent, discover who they are, and learn about God’s perfect love through Jesus. True fulfillment comes from having a relationship with Jesus Christ, not just from getting approval from our parents.



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