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The Friends

Tim Keller |  February 8, 2004

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  • Family and Relationships
1 Samuel 18:3-4, 19:4-5, 20:40-42
RS 172-09

1 Samuel 18:3–4; 19:4–5; 20:40–42

The story of David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel gives us a deep look into what true friendship is about. Their friendship shows us how powerful it can be, and how it can change our lives. By looking at their friendship, we can understand more about our own friendships and relationships.

1. The importance of friendship

David and Jonathan’s story shows us how important friends are, especially when times are tough. We all need deep and loving relationships, they’re part of who we are. These relationships are more important than anything else, even more than success or popularity, because they make us happy and reflect God’s love for us.

2. The elements of friendship

Nowadays, we often treat relationships like business transactions, which is not healthy for our friendships or families. True friendship, where we are loyal and open with each other, can make ordinary things feel special, almost like holy rituals. C.S. Lewis said that real friendships are built on shared interests, experiences, and a commitment to be honest, understanding, and supportive.

3. The power of friendship

Jonathan’s friendship with David was selfless; he always put David’s needs before his own. Jesus is the greatest example of this type of friendship; He gave His life for us, showing the greatest love possible. Because of Jesus’ love and grace, we too can have deep and selfless friendships.

4. The possibility of friendship

David and Jonathan were close friends because both loved God, and this love was stronger than any common interest. Jonathan Edwards, a famous preacher, said that our friendships should be based on our love for God, and that this kind of friendship can last forever. Since God Himself is a friend, as shown in the relationship between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we are meant to be friends with God and with others who love Him, and to show this love in our own friendships.



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