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The Glory in the Cross

Tim Keller |  September 22, 1991

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  • Glorification
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 12:27-35
RS 11-43

John 12:27–36

Understanding God’s glory is important for two reasons. First, it helps us make sense of what God does. Second, it affects how we live every day. Without a sense of God’s glory, our lives can feel meaningless and it’s hard to know what really matters. It’s not just a concept to understand, but it’s something that should be part of our daily lives.

1. What does it feel like to experience God’s glory?

God’s main goal is to show His glory. Christians who have experienced this glory are different. It’s not about seeing amazing things, but about realizing how important God is and making Him the focus of everything we do. When you really see God’s glory, it changes how you live. You put God first because nothing else is as important.

2. Where do you get this?

To fully experience God’s glory, you need to understand what happened at the cross. The cross is where God’s justice, love, and wisdom come together. When Jesus died on the cross, He wasn’t just sacrificing Himself. He was taking on our sins and facing God’s anger. This helps us understand how holy God is and how big His sacrifice was.

3. How specifically do I glory in the cross?

We all want to be important, and often we look to our jobs, relationships, or achievements for that. But the only thing that should make us feel important is Jesus’ death on the cross. That’s where real value and peace come from. When we give all the credit to God and let the cross guide how we live, we find true peace.



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