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The Glory of God: 1

Tim Keller |  March 6, 2011

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  • Atonement
  • Redemption
  • God's Love
Ezekiel 1:4-18, 22-28
RS 328-10

Ezekiel 1:4–18, 22–28

Ezekiel’s description of God’s glory, with living creatures, wheels, and a throne, is amazing. This glory makes us feel small and respectful, but the rainbow reminds us of God’s promise and kindness, letting us come close. Understanding and feeling God’s glory changes our lives deeply.

1. The glory of God

God’s glory, as shown in Ezekiel, is hard for us to understand fully, as it includes all of God’s special qualities. Many people, especially in big cities like New York, struggle to accept a God they can’t fully grasp. But if we understand God’s greatness and put Him first, even before other important things or people, we can truly experience His wonderful glory. However, if we focus too much on other things instead of God, it can lead to bad outcomes.

2. When you fall face down

Feeling God’s glory makes us humble, causing us to surrender and worship, as we realize how small we are compared to His greatness. This humbling doesn’t upset us, but instead sets us free from worry and pride. Understanding God’s glory changes how we relate to Him, moving our focus from ourselves to a deep love for His divine beauty.

3. Because of the rainbow

Our problem is that while we want to see God’s glory, our sinfulness wouldn’t allow us to handle it fully. Our difficulty in trusting and obeying God adds to this problem. But the rainbow, first mentioned in Genesis 9, reminds us of God’s kindness and peace, showing us His judgment and anger are gone. This rainbow points up to God’s love for us, and through Jesus Christ, He took the punishment we deserved. Jesus’ self-sacrifice allows us to share in His glory and receive heavenly praise. This sacrifice encourages our trust and obedience, showing us God’s glory through the cross, the most wonderful event ever.



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