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The God of Wonders

Tim Keller |  December 23, 2007

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  • Prophecy
  • Christmas and Advent
Isaiah 9:1-7
RS 199-4


This is a famous passage from the book of Isaiah — he calls the coming Messiah “Wonderful Counselor.” If we consider those two words in reverse, we have the subjects of wisdom (or counsel) and wonder — this sermon will meditate on those two words.

Isaiah 9:1–7

In the Old Testament, a prophet foresaw the coming of the Messiah and called Him a “Wonderful Counselor.” When we think about these words, we find ideas of wisdom and awe. These ideas can help us better appreciate and understand Christmas.

1. Christmas is about wisdom

Jesus, born in a humble setting, is like a wise guide. He provides answers where the wisdom we usually lean on can’t. This everyday wisdom can’t teach us how to face death with courage, make peace with our past, or forgive those who’ve hurt us. But the teachings of the Bible and the gospel can, and have, as seen in the spread of Christianity in places like Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The wisdom from Jesus Christ, who brings healing and unity, is far better than the wisdom of the world.

2. Christmas is about wonder

Jesus is not just the “Wonderful Counselor,” but also the “Mighty God,” and “Prince of Peace”. These titles are important because they guide us away from focusing too much on things like money, self-image, and worry. The idea of praise is important because it completes our joy, just like Christians believe we’ll be praising God in heaven. Choosing to praise with discipline can lead to deep joy and awe. Being thankful for the gift of Christmas, and wanting guidance in praising God, is key.



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