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The Good Shepherd

Tim Keller |  May 7, 2006

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  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Mark 6:30-44
RS 190-18

Mark 6:30–44

The popular story of Jesus feeding a crowd, as told in Mark’s gospel, is about an unexpected change brought about by seemingly unqualified people. This change is based on a surprising action that goes against what people usually expect. Therefore, it tells the story of a surprising change, led by unexpected leaders, and based on a groundbreaking action.

1. It’s about a change

Jesus’ trip to a distant, rural place, known for its strong resistance against Roman rule, was a purposeful move, not just a casual trip. The large gathering, possibly up to 20,000 people, aimed to forcefully make Jesus their king, showing their wish for a leader to defeat the Romans. This situation highlights the deep desire for freedom from harsh control.

2. It’s about a completely unexpected kind of change

Jesus, a leader of change, offers freedom and fights oppression through peaceful means, giving life and hope through his teachings. His miracles and message meet the deep spiritual needs within people, offering freedom from fear and emptiness. Accepting his gospel not only gives hope but also encourages people to fight suffering and injustice, contributing to a unique change.

3. It’s also led by change-makers who seem unqualified

Jesus highlights the need to recognize our limitations and the need for a miracle to carry out His mission. He asks the disciples to feed the crowd, an almost impossible task, and then multiplies the little food they have, showing that His power is triggered through obedience and faith. It’s important to realize that His work requires a miracle and our acceptance of our own inadequacy for Him to effectively work through us.

4. This change is based on a shocking act

Jesus’ actions on the cross offer a new perspective that challenges the common culture of self-interest. His sacrifice allows people to experience deep change, leading to personal growth and positive transformation in society. To follow Jesus’ example, one must practice selfless, loving service, promoting healing, freedom, and positive change in their communities.



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