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The Good Shepherd

Tim Keller |  July 14, 1991

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John 10:1-15
RS 11-37

John 10:1–15

In John 10:1-15, Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd. This image reminds us of the loving, healing, and caring God we read about in the 23rd Psalm. Jesus is saying that He is the one who can offer us the love and guidance we all desire. The real question is how we accept Jesus as our shepherd and understand what we owe Him and what He gives us.

1. What is he to the sheep?

When we think of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, we’re reminded of how much we need help and guidance in our lives. Just like a sheep needs its shepherd, we need God in every part of our lives. The key takeaway is to willingly follow God’s lead, knowing that we matter a lot to Him and that should be the main driving force in our lives.

2. What does Jesus give to the sheep?

As our Good Shepherd, Jesus deeply loves and understands us. He loved us so much that He gave up His own life to save us from our sins. Despite our mistakes, He offers us peace and total acceptance. When we realize and accept this amazing love from God, it can bring about a powerful change in our lives.



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