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The Grace of God

Tim Keller |  May 1, 2011

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  • Salvation
Ephesians 2:1-10
RS 329-08


We’re looking at the characteristics—also known as the “attributes”—of God according to the Bible. This sermon looks at the grace of God. In this sermon, we’ll see that grace is a gift that is also indispensable and infinitely costly—and, if you see the indispensability and the costliness of God’s grace, it will come into your life as traumatic tranquility.

Ephesians 2:1–10

We’re diving into the concept of God’s grace, or His kindness that we don’t deserve. We’re comparing it to two kinds of gifts: those that are free but don’t really change anything, and those that are so important they cost a lot. God’s grace is extremely important and comes with a great price, but it also changes our lives deeply. When we truly understand how much we need God’s grace and how much it cost Him, we experience something I call “traumatic tranquility.”

1. God’s love and forgiveness are gifts we can’t live without

Think about the difference between being sick and being dead. When you’re sick, you can do things to get better. But when you’re dead, you can’t do anything to come back to life. The Bible says we’re spiritually dead because of our sins, and we can’t do anything to bring ourselves back to life. We need God’s love and forgiveness, no matter how good or bad we think we are. This understanding can humble us, stop us from looking down on others, and remind us that only God’s grace can truly change us.

2. God’s grace comes with a high price

God didn’t just forgive us. He made us alive, raised us, and made us part of His family in heaven. Because we’re united with Jesus, we’re as loved and accepted as Jesus Himself, even though His sacrifice was incredibly costly. If we really understand this, we’ll feel joy and humility and want to love God back. This shows that we truly understand how sinful we were and how precious God’s forgiveness is.

3. When you understand God’s grace, you’ll experience “traumatic tranquility”

“Traumatic tranquility” is when you realize something so important that it shakes you up but also gives you peace. Some people feel better about themselves by putting others down, but understanding God’s grace challenges this attitude. The story of Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables” shows how God’s grace can stop us from feeling superior to others. Understanding Jesus’ humility and sacrifice can also help us stop feeling insecure, suspicious, and competitive, which can transform our lives.



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