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The Grace of God

Tim Keller |  April 28, 1991

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John 6:36-47
RS 11-27

John 6:36–47

Being a Christian is unique because it’s not about being strong or perfect on your own, but about admitting your weaknesses and accepting God’s love and help. Becoming a Christian isn’t something you can do by yourself; it happens because of God’s deep, amazing grace. The core of Christianity is recognizing this grace, knowing that your faith isn’t something you’ve earned, but a gift given by God.

1. The grace of God is necessary

We need God’s grace to find Jesus because we can’t be good enough or find God on our own. This means letting go of control, even when things might not go our way, and realizing that being saved isn’t something you achieve, but a gift from God. God’s love is so strong and active that it pulls us towards Him, and we should respond to His love without worrying about whether we’re worthy or good enough.

2. God’s grace is lasting

Those who truly seek Jesus will continue to serve Him until the end, showing how God’s grace lasts forever. Jesus, like a caring shepherd, makes sure none of His followers get lost and protects them from their own mistakes. Knowing this, we shouldn’t become lazy or stop trying to live a good life. Instead, it should make us love Jesus more and want to stay close to Him.

3. God’s grace is liberating

Realizing and accepting God’s free grace brings freedom, just like it did for the early Methodists. God’s grace can take away any heavy feelings, whether it’s thinking you’re unlovable or struggling with pride, and this grace shows God’s endless, unconditional love that has been there since before the universe. When we admit this grace through prayer, it can lead to big changes in our lives.



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