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The Grace of Jesus

Tim Keller |  October 6, 1996

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  • Doctrine
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Matthew 11:25-27
RS 72-5


In the face of a person who says, “I’m doubting and I’m offended by you,” Jesus makes some of the most outrageous and offensive statements that have ever been made. John the Baptist has sent a message to Jesus revealing that he’s getting offended by Jesus’ claims. And in response Jesus says, “No one knows the Father except through me.”

What are we going to do with this? Well, what if a group of scientists asserted that they’d come up with a cure for cancer? There would be a lot of responses, but nobody would say, “They’re narrow.” Nobody would say, “How dare you think you have the cure for cancer and no one else does!” You see, the reason they wouldn’t say that is because you don’t attack the assertion. If you think they’re wrong, you have to go to the research beneath their assertion.

Jesus does not just say this in a vacuum. It comes at the end of a lot of things he’s saying. His assertion is based on a deeper claim. We’re going to look at 1) what the deeper claim is beneath the assertion, 2) why you should believe it, and 3) how you should use it.

Matthew 11:23–27

The good news of Jesus is like getting an invitation to have dinner with Him. It’s not just about food, but about getting to know someone deeply. Jesus says only He can show us God, and while that may sound bold, it’s worth looking into because it could change our lives.

1. What’s the big deal here?

Jesus says He’s the only one who knows God fully, which means He’s equal to God and knows everything. Unlike other religious leaders, Jesus shows us a God who’s both personal and limitless, and He says He’s the only way to be saved. This is a special gift for those who know they need help. The key thing that sets Christianity apart is the belief that we don’t earn salvation by being good enough, but receive it freely because of God’s love and Jesus’ righteousness.

2. Why should we trust this?

To write off Christianity as narrow-minded without really looking into it isn’t fair. The statement that only God fully knows Jesus, and only Jesus fully knows God, backs up Jesus’ claim to be divine. It comes from an ancient and trustworthy source. It takes faith to either accept or reject Jesus. But if we can agree that Jesus wasn’t evil or crazy, then Him being divine is the only option left.

3. How do we put this into practice?

Even Jesus, who was rejected by His own people, felt scared and worried. But He praised God for His love. He saw the good news not just as a ticket to heaven, but as a guide for dealing with tough times. When we understand this, it changes us. It helps us to care for those who are forgotten and to face life’s challenges.


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