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The Great Escape

Tim Keller |  October 6, 2002

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  • Sin
  • Redemption
  • Salvation
Exodus 14:11-31
RS 154-05

Exodus 14:11–31

The story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea is like a picture of salvation. It shows how God helps us break free from things that hurt or control us. This story helps us understand what we need to get away from, how we can do it, and why it’s possible. It also helps us grasp the deep ideas of ‘sin’ and ‘salvation’ and why they matter in our lives.

1. What do we need to escape from?

Exodus tells us about the Israelites who, even though God had freed them, still wished to serve the Egyptians. This challenges our modern idea of freedom, which we often think of as not having a boss or master. The story highlights that everyone has something driving them, and this can either enslave us or, if it’s God, set us free from other controlling forces.

2. How can we escape from it?

The Christian idea of salvation is special. It’s a big change from death to life, from guilt to forgiveness, all based on faith in what God has done to save us. This isn’t about improving our character or behavior, but a sudden change in our status that happens regardless of how good we’ve been or how strong our faith is. The image of flood waters as God’s judgment shows that those who survive unharmed do so because of God’s kindness, not because they’ve earned it.

3. Why can we escape from it?

Moses, who took the blame that the people deserved, is a preview of Jesus. He’s the ultimate go-between who took on our sins and suffered God’s anger on the cross. Real freedom comes when God is at the center of our lives, freeing us from harmful habits, with Jesus filling our hearts and offering total forgiveness. As Christians, we need to live out this freedom, resisting old bad habits, and recognizing Christ as our source of happiness, security, and life. This becomes real for us in the Lord’s Supper.



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