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The Hand of the Lord

Tim Keller |  August 25, 1996

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  • Sin
2 Samuel 24:10-21
RS 271-16

2 Samuel 24:10–21

David’s story in 2 Samuel 24 shows him making a simple choice to count his soldiers, which surprisingly upsets Joab and is viewed as a sin. This makes us question why God treats David with kindness, instead of rejecting him like He did with Saul. The story teaches us some deep spiritual truths.

1. Why this sin?

It’s important to obey God’s instructions, even if they don’t make sense to us or go against what we want. Choosing practicality over God’s guidance or depending too much on military might can lead to trouble. We should lead lives of service, give generously, and trust in God’s provision. We should focus on justice and mercy, not on personal gain or taking advantage of others, and remember to rely on God rather than worship power.

2. Why this grace?

God cares about His people’s wish for a king, but this challenges His control over history. The different ways David and Saul react to sin show us that true sorrow and taking responsibility are important. David asking for God’s punishment to be on him, which hints at Jesus’ sacrifice, shows the power of service and the importance of trusting in God more than in personal power or belongings.



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