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The High and Lofty One: His Majesty

Tim Keller |  October 11, 1992

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  • Creation
  • God the Father
  • God's Love
Psalm 33:6-20
RS 37-05

Psalm 33:6–22

God’s amazing strength and awesomeness are shown in His creation of the skies, stars, and oceans. Everyone on earth is asked to respect Him, knowing that His plans are unshakeable and those who choose Him are fortunate. The power of earthly figures like kings and warriors is small compared to God’s, highlighting the need to understand and accept His ultimate authority.

1. God has a unique kind of power

God’s power, total and unavoidable, is His ability to fully carry out His plans without any mismatch. This power, the effective display of His characteristics, makes His qualities the governing truths in the universe, and they can’t be avoided if they clash with actions that go against His nature. Understanding the vastness and scope of His power is crucial, because only when we align with Him can we experience what’s truly real.

2. Humans have a different kind of power

The difference between human power and God’s power is discussed, emphasizing that real strength comes from trusting in God’s never-ending love. It’s suggested that all people, affected by sin, have strayed from their original goodness and need to hope in God’s love. The connection between power and fear is also considered, suggesting that accepting God’s power can reduce fear, while His absence can increase it, highlighting the importance of recognizing God’s deep love through the gospel.



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