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The King on a Cross

Tim Keller |  June 25, 2006

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  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Mark 8:27-9:1
RS 190-25

Mark 8:27–9:1

Jesus, known as the Messiah, explains that his leadership is not about earthly power but about giving up and suffering for others. His followers are invited to live the same way, bearing their own burdens. The story highlights how Jesus’ self-giving act has the power to beat evil and renew the world through love and forgiveness.

2. You have to go to a cross

Often, society tells us that our worth comes from what we achieve or succeed in, but Jesus offers a different view. He says that worldly wins can’t give us our real identity. Instead, our true worth should come from God and the good news of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, not tied to our performance or what people think of us. This means putting aside our own plans, accepting Jesus as our leader, and replacing our earthly dreams with a fresh hope in him for real self-understanding and everlasting life.



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