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The Liberator

Tim Keller |  June 23, 1991

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  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
  • Sin
  • Christian Living and Obedience
John 8:30-41
RS 11-34

John 8:30–41

In John 8, Jesus explains that true freedom comes from following His teachings and knowing the truth. He highlights that sin can trap us, but we can find real freedom through Him. This freedom doesn’t just mean we can do whatever we like in society; it’s a spiritual kind of freedom. Jesus clarifies that being free as a Christian is different from just being free politically. It’s about letting go of trying to control everything and finding a satisfying kind of freedom in obeying God.

1. What does Christian freedom really mean?

Jesus corrects the idea that being free means not having to answer to anyone. He says that true freedom means serving the right leader, which is Him. He stresses that everyone has something that drives them, like their job, their love life, their family, or something else, and this thing ends up controlling them. He makes it clear that real freedom isn’t about being independent or thinking only of ourselves, but about giving up control to Jesus, the one Lord who truly loves us.

2. Why does giving yourself to Jesus Christ lead to freedom?

Recognizing that we are God’s children brings us freedom and a sense of being loved. We also need to understand that our sins can weigh heavily on our conscience. Our desires are complicated and need to align with who we truly are. True freedom comes from trusting and obeying God, and this is made possible because of what Christ did for us. This allows us to let go of any guilt or fear of judgment.

3. So, how do you get this freedom?

Real freedom is like being able to speak multiple languages; it requires commitment and following God’s teachings. Being obedient isn’t a requirement to become a Christian, but it’s a sign of a true follower. The Christian journey is about becoming a better person, and freedom comes out of this process. The ultimate freedom is found in obeying God’s Word.



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