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The Lord’s Beloved

Tim Keller |  August 11, 1996

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  • Sin
  • Suffering
  • Forgiveness
2 Samuel 12:13-25
RS 271-14

2 Samuel 12:13–25

This story in Second Samuel talks about David admitting his wrongdoings, dealing with the effects, and wrestling with sadness and uncertainty. It discusses the hard parts of forgiveness and why bad things happen to believers. Even though suffering is hard to understand, it shows how the Bible helps people navigate these tough times.

1. This is not payback; this is surgery

God tells David that his struggles aren’t punishment, but a way for him to heal. God removes David’s sin, showing forgiveness, not judgment. But David’s disrespect for God makes God look bad. His actions, based on a shallow view of God, require this spiritual cleanup to rebuild a real connection with God.

2. Suffering does surgery on your trusts

Suffering is like surgery that shows what we really depend on and value. How much we hurt is related to how much trust we put in what we’ve lost. Looking at David’s story, suffering can bring about positive change, revealing what we wrongly idolize and guiding us to put our trust back in the only One who can never be harmed – God.

3. God is a God of grace

David’s response to his child’s death shows his understanding of God’s grace, seeing it not as a prize for doing good, but as a gift from God. This understanding moves him to turn away from sin and evil, and turn towards God in a world full of hurt. The greatest example of God’s grace is seen in God’s promise that David will be reunited with his son and that his family line will continue through Bathsheba, offering strength and peace.



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