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The Lord’s Supper

Tim Keller |  October 6, 1991

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  • Sin
John 13:18-30
RS 11-45

John 13:18–30

When Jesus foretold Judas’ betrayal at the Last Supper, it was a stark reminder of the harsh truth of sin and its effects. However, it also shone a light on the amazing power of saying sorry, being forgiven, and submitting to God. Sin, at its core, is like saying no to God’s rule in our lives, turning our backs on him much like a thief or a traitor would. This means we always need to remember how much we owe to Jesus and be willing to let go of our own control in every part of our lives. The story ends with Jesus showing kindness to Judas, teaching us the value of accepting Jesus’ love, following his commands without fear, and asking for the strength to admit where we’ve gone wrong and let God’s power work in us.



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