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The Love of God

Tim Keller |  March 13, 2011

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  • God's Love
Psalm 145:14-20; John 15:9-15
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We’re looking at the characteristics— also known as the “attributes”— of God according to the Bible. This sermon looks at the love of God, an attribute contemporary people are almost too comfortable with. The love of God is more complicated and complex than you might think.

Looking at an Old Testament and a New Testament text, we will uncover the multidimensionality of God’s love.

Psalm 145:14–20; John 15:9–15

God’s love is like a precious gem with many facets. It shines onto all creation, but there’s a special kind of love He has for those who believe in Him. At the same time, God feels anger towards those who choose to do evil. This might seem contradictory, but think about it like a friend who you love dearly but get upset with when they make harmful choices. To truly grasp God’s love, we need to widen our view, put emphasis on following His commands joyfully, and understand that real love finds joy in seeing others happy. The greatest part? This love leads to a personal relationship with God and an endless experience of love in heaven.



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