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The World and Jesus

Tim Keller |  December 21, 2014

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Matthew 2:13-23
RS 351-04


With the arrival of the Magi came the assault of the madman Herod. When he heard from the Magi the news about a rival king having been born, he was disturbed, and so was all of Jerusalem as well, due to the unpredictability of this paranoid despot. Warned in a dream to take refuge in Egypt, Joseph protected Jesus from the slaughter Herod unleashed in Bethlehem in his attempt to kill the child born king of the Jews. Once Herod died, Jesus returned to Israel in mysterious fulfillment of the prophecy, “out of Egypt I have called my son.” Nothing could thwart the plan of God for the true King. He would ultimate die a cruel death but in his Father’s perfect time and by his righteous design rather than the design of the evil Herod.

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