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The Making of Faith

Tim Keller |  February 10, 1991

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  • Creation
  • Trust and Assurance
  • Suffering
John 4:39-54
RS 11-17

John 4:39–54

Many people think of faith as something only certain people have or as a crutch to lean on. But faith is more than that. It’s a practical part of life that everyone can experience. It starts with thinking, grows through choices we make, and matures when we face tough times. The faith of Christians, as shown in the Bible, isn’t just a natural ability. It’s a journey that involves thinking, making decisions, and overcoming obstacles.

1. Faith is born of thinking

Some people think faith and reason are opposites, but they’re not. Faith begins with thinking and reasoning about information we have. It’s a deep kind of thinking that grows when we search for truth. It’s like how trust grows in a doctor or a spouse. So faith should direct our thinking and remind us of the truths in God’s Word, rather than letting doubts and fears take over.

2. Faith continues and grows through the will

Faith is more than just understanding. It involves obeying and committing to live according to spiritual teachings. This is developed through discipline, forgiveness, and generosity. Faith often grows during tough times, which reveal how much we rely on temporary things and encourage us to trust only in God. This trust comes from knowing that Jesus, as the Creator God, has power beyond physical limits and that our lives, though short and fragile, find true meaning and stability in faith.

3. Faith matures in trouble

Hard times often show how much we really rely on faith. They reveal that the things we build our lives on by ourselves aren’t enough. Through these struggles, we learn to truly trust in God, moving our focus from ourselves to Him. While this can be hard, it is actually a kind act because it leads us to pour out our hearts to God and trust in His unpredictable answers.



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