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The Meaning of Free Grace (1999)

Tim Keller |  July 4, 1999

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  • The Ten Commandments
  • Sin
  • Understanding the Gospel
Genesis 48:8-19
RS 105-04

Genesis 48:8–20

Getting closer to God involves understanding and saying “your will be done.” It’s like seeing God as our Father, showing love for His name, and realizing our place in His big family. The story of Jacob blessing the sons of Joseph in Genesis 48 shows us that this isn’t easy, but it’s a challenge, a way to grow, and the path to a deeper relationship with God.

1. A challenge

When Jacob blessed his grandsons, Manasseh and Ephraim, it showed how God often picks the less obvious choice to bring about His plan. This is something we see throughout history. The heart of sin is choosing things of the world over God, and the first commandment reminds us to keep God first. The real test of accepting God’s grace is being okay with God’s plans, not trying to make God do what we want.

2. A way to grow

The story of Jacob and Joseph shows that God’s plans can mess with ours. This means we have to let go of what we want sometimes. Trusting in God’s wisdom, without demanding answers, is key to growing spiritually and getting closer to Him. Like a child listening to their parents, this kind of trust frees us from fear and anger, helping us to trust His plan more.

3. The path to closeness

Jacob’s life shows us how surrendering our will to God can bring us closer to Him. People today often want a spiritual connection but are scared to give up control to God. Yet, to truly connect with God, we have to let go of our desires. Jesus Christ showed us how to do this, even when it was tough. He inspires us to hand over our struggles and say, “Your will be done.”



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