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The Meaning of the City

Tim Keller |  October 5, 2003

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  • Purpose and Calling
Jeremiah 29:4-14
RS 171-05


Jeremiah told the Jewish exiles in Babylon to seek the peace and prosperity of the city they found themselves in. Like New York, it was an enormous, intimidating city with diverse populations that espoused a variety of values and morals. However, God empowers Christians to relate and respond in love to all people, without either assimilating too much to the culture around us or separating ourselves through tribalism. As citizens of both the city of man and the city of God, we work on the principles of peace and grace for the betterment of all.

Jeremiah 29:4–14

Jeremiah’s wisdom in the Bible tells us that even when the Israelites were far from home, they were called to work for the good of the city they were in – just like Babylon. This is similar to us Christians living in a world that often seems at odds with our beliefs. The way we can bring about change is by loving and serving others selflessly, just like the first Christians did during hard times. We are reminded to find our true selves in Christ and to make a difference in our communities, bringing about positive change in society.



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