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The Message of Jesus

Tim Keller |  January 5, 2003

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  • Restoration
  • Identity
  • Salvation
Luke 5:4-26
RS 155-06

Luke 5:4–26

In the book of Luke, Jesus shows us a different kind of salvation. It’s not just about gaining power or becoming rich; it’s about changing in many ways. This change happens in three areas: how we see ourselves, how we relate to others, and how we connect with God. This kind of salvation is so important because it changes us mentally, socially, and spiritually.

1. How Jesus’ salvation changes our view of ourselves

When Jesus helps Peter catch a huge amount of fish, we see how salvation can change our view of ourselves. It’s not just about being forgiven for our sins, it’s about seeing ourselves differently. We have to admit our mistakes and let go of control, which can be tough. But this ‘selfquake’ lets us experience God’s amazing power and love. This story tells us that we should put Jesus first in everything, including our jobs, and strive for more than just money. It also shows us that we can feel both valuable and not good enough in God’s sight.

2. How Jesus’ salvation changes our relationships with others

When Jesus heals a man with leprosy, we see how salvation can heal our relationships. It’s not just about curing diseases, it’s about reconnecting with other people on a deep level. Jesus shows us that we should look past things like race, class, and social status when we see others. By saying that he is pure, Jesus breaks down religious rules and shows that anyone who meets him is ready to be with God. This shows us how powerful his salvation is.

3. How Jesus’ salvation changes our relationship with God

Jesus’ ability to forgive sins shows us that forgiveness is the most important thing for people. To experience this transformation and salvation, we need to make peace with God. Trusting in Jesus’ unusual ways can bring about social change. It also tells us that understanding God’s message of grace takes time, effort, and the help of a community. This complex salvation covers personal change and societal issues, which can make the church seem overly liberal or conservative to some. But the real aim is to show the grace of the gospel and help us become more like Jesus.



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