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The New Jerusalem

Tim Keller |  July 4, 1993

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  • Death
  • Restoration
Revelation 21:1-22:5
RS 41-13

Revelation 21:1–8

Imagine a future where a brand-new heaven and earth exist, and God lives with us, removing every pain, death, and sorrow. In this renewed world, life is completely different, and those who hold onto their faith will receive it. However, those who are fearful, don’t believe, live unrighteous lives, and worship false gods will face the consequences of their choices.

1. God turns all he touches into something new

We are all drawn to new things. This could be because deep down, we long for eternity and don’t want to age or decay. Even though society tells us death is normal, we can’t help but fight against losing the brightness of life. Christianity gives us a unique view, saying that God always brings newness and strength. This divine newness is more lasting and meaningful than anything the world offers.

2. God will touch the world, creating new heavens and a new earth

Believing in a future without pain, death, and trouble comes from knowing that the world is broken because people have turned against God. The idea that Jesus will fix everything and create a world where there’s no death or pain doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make our world better now. Christianity gives us real ways to face problems, find comfort and power in its truths, and urges us to find real joy and assurance in the gospel’s hope.

3. You can start experiencing God’s newness in your life right now

Feeling the newness of God’s presence is a life-changing journey that Christians can start right now. Being a Christian is not about being nice; it’s about deep change that comes from seeking God, following His instructions, and knowing we are His children. This change and renewal are available to all who pray and seek God’s presence.



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