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The Once and Future King

Tim Keller |  December 16, 2007

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  • Prophecy
  • Jesus' Birth
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Micah 5:1-6
RS 199-3


In this passage, the prophet Micah predicts the coming of the Messiah. We see that Jesus is both the ancient king and the future king. In this sermon, we will ask: 1) What does it mean that Jesus is the ancient King?; 2) What does it mean that Jesus is the future King?; 3) How does that lead us to conclude how we can make him our King?

Micah 5:1–6

The prophecy of Micah talks about the coming of Jesus, who we see in Matthew 2. It’s fascinating to think about Jesus as a King who has been around from the past, and who will also rule in the future. It’s important to reflect on what this means, especially during Christmas, and how we can personally accept Jesus as our King.

1. The King from the past

Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is like the great king we hear about in old stories. These tales, which some might think are just make-believe, last because they speak to us about the real problems in the world and our need for someone to save us with unselfish love. Jesus, born in the most unexpected place, defeated evil by dying and coming back to life. He’s the hero and king we’ve been waiting for, who will make everything in the world right again.

2. The King of the future

The future King, who will rise in Israel, will gather a diverse group of people into his worldwide kingdom. He will get rid of all evil and suffering. This King is the true King, and his rule will make everyone and everything better. God made us for Him, and the only way we can fulfill our true purpose is by accepting Jesus as our Lord, living as we were originally meant to, and obeying God.

3. Making him our King

We need to be ready for Jesus, the King from the past and future, to come back. This means fully trusting in his love and his willing death for us. If we want to accept him as our King, we need to understand what his death means, trust him fully, and obey what he says, even when it’s tough or doesn’t make sense to us. Instead of worrying about things, we should look forward to what God can do, recognizing that He is in control and knows what He’s doing. By doing this, we show our respect for Him as our King.



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